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Crown CT22024 Cordless Screwdriver 3.6V
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Brand: Crown Model: CT22024
Voltage : 3,6 VBattery capacity : 1,5 AhBattery Type :Lithium-ionNo-Load Speed: 200 rpmBattery Charging Time: 3.5h..
EG599 EG799
Brand: Crown Model: CT11001
Power: 2100WNo Load Speed: 8000-23000 rpm/mCollet Inner: 12mmInternal Ø of the bush: 6-8mmStroke of the router base : 60mm..
Brand: Crown Model: CT22023
Voltage : 3,6 VBattery capacity : 1,5 AhBattery Type :Lithium-ionNo-Load Speed: 200 rpmBattery Charging Time: 3.5h..
Brand: Crown Model: CT31012
Power: 80WCapacity: 700mlFlow: 250m/min..
Brand: Crown Model: C13525
Power: 1500WNo Load Speed: 8500rpmDisc Size: 125mm - 5 Inches..
Brand: Crown Model: CT10032
Power: 1050WNo Load Speed: 900 - 2500 rpmChuck Size: 3 - 16mmDrill in Wood: 30 - 40mmDrill in Steel: 13mm..
Brand: Crown Model: CT10113
Power: 280WNo Load Speed: 350 - 1400 rpmChuck Size: 0.8 - 10mmDrill in Wood: 16 - 20mmDrill in Steel: 10mm..
Brand: Crown Model: CT10125
Power: 300 WAmperage at voltage: 230 V _ 1,35 ANo-load speed : 0-3800 minChuck tightening range: 0,6-6,5 mmDrilling output in steel: 6,5 mmDrilling output in wood: 13 mm..
Brand: Crown Model: CT10126
Rated power    400 WAmperage at voltage 230 V      1,85 ANo-load speed 0-3000 minChuck tightening range            1,5-10 mmDrilling output in steel  10 mmDrilling output in wood 20 mm..
Brand: Crown Model: CT10128
Power: 600WNo Load Speed: 0-2800rpmChuck Size: 13mmDrilling Dia. In Wood: 20mmDrilling Dia. In Steel: 10mmDrilling Dia. In Concrete: 13mm..
EG799 EG899
Brand: Crown Model: CT10129
Power: 750 WNo-load speed: 0-2800 minPercussion rate: 0-44800 minChuck tightening range: 1,5-13 mmDrilling output in concrete: 13 mmDrilling output in steel: 13 mmDrilling output in wood: 30 mm..
Brand: Crown Model: CT10130
Power: 810WNo Load Speed: 2800 rpmChuck Size: 13mmDrilling output in concrete : 16mmDrilling output in steel: 13mmDrilling output in wood: 30mm..
Brand: Crown Model: CT13307
Power: 600WAmperage at voltage: 20-230 VNo-load speed: 12000-27000 minˉ¹Number of RPM stages: 6Spindle inner diameter: 10mmCollet diameter: 6mm..
Brand: Crown Model: CT13428
Power: 150 WRated speed: 8000 - 35000rpmChuck Size: 3mm..
Brand: Crown Model: CT13501
Power: 650WNo Load Speed: 11000 rpmCutting Disc Size: 100mm - 4.5 inches..
Brand: Crown Model: CT14019
Power: 710 WNo-load speed: 16000 minPlaning width: 82 mmPlaning depth: 0-2,5 mmGrooving depth: 0-15 mm..
Brand: Crown Model: CT15188
Power: 1500 WNo-load speed: 5500 minMax. / min. of circular saw blade: 190 / 185 mmBore of circular saw blade: 20 mmMax. thickness of circular saw blade: 2 mmMax. cutting depth at 90° :  66 mmMax. cutting depth at 45°  : 46 mm..
EG2,399 EG2,999
Brand: Crown Model: CT15189
Power: 710WNo load speed: 700-3000/minStroke length: 26mmMax. cutting capacity: 85mmCutting ability in Wood: 85mmCutting ability in Aluminum: 20mmCutting ability in Steel: 10mmOrbital Action: 4 Position..
Brand: Crown Model: CT15210
الطاقة: 2000 واتعدد اللفات:  4500 لفة فى الدقيقةقطر الشفرة: 30 ملمسمك شفرة: 2،4 ملمعمق القطع عند 90 درجة: 85 ملمعمق القطع عند 45 درجة: 60 ملم..
Brand: Crown Model: CT16004
Power : 320WNo-load speed: 6000-2000 minˉ¹No-load oscillations rate: 3,2°Sanding plate diameter: 80 mm..
Brand: Crown Model: CT17010V
Power: 710 W No-load speed: 0-14000r.p.m.Air volume: 4 m³/min..
Brand: Crown Model: CT18032
Power: 850W             No Load Speed: 0-1000r/minImpact rate: 0-4800bpmMax Drilling in Steel: 13mmMax Drilling in Wood: 40mmMax Drilling in Concrete: 26mm..
Brand: Crown Model: CT18116
Power: 1050WNo-load speed: 750 rpm/minSingle impact power: 4,8 JDrilling output in concrete: 32 mmDrilling output in steel: 13 mmDrilling output in wood: 40 mm..
EG3,499 EG4,450
Brand: Crown Model: CT19007
Power: 2200WTemperature: I-50 / II50-600 / III50-600 ℃Air flow: I-350/ II-350 /III-500 L/min..
Brand: Crown Model: CT19017
Power: 1600 WAmperage at voltage:  230 V      7 ATemperature (stage I / II): 300 / 500 °CAir flow (stage I / II): 300 / 500 l/min..
Brand: Crown Model: CT21052LH
Battery type: Lithium-ionRated voltage: 12 VBattery capacity: 1,5 AhBattery charging time: 60 minNo-load speed (gear I / II): 0-400 / 0-1400 RPMChuck type: Keyless chuckChuck tightening range: 0,8-10 mmTurndown of rotation torque: 1-17 NmDrilling output in steel: 10 mmDrilling output in wood: 20 mmM..
Brand: Crown Model: CT21074LH
Power of the axle: 24 voltsCarrying battery: 2 capacityNo Load Speed: 0-350 / 0-1350Charging the battery: 70 minutesDiameter of screw: 10 mlTorque: 50/55 NewtonStress rate: 1.5: 13 mmDrilling in wood: 40 mlDrilling in steel: 13 m..
Brand: Crown Model: CT21076HMX
Battery type: Lithium-ionRated voltage: 20V Battery capacity: 4hBattery charging time: 1hNo-load speed (gear I / II): 0-400 / 0-1500 minˉ¹Max. torque (soft / hard): 45 / 55 NmChuck tightening range: 1,5-13 mmDrilling output in steel: 13 mmDrilling output in wood: 40 mmM..
Brand: Crown Model: CT33099
Current adjustment range: 30-160 AmpsNo-Load voltage: 80 VWelding electrode diameter: 2,5-4 mmRated input voltage: 160-265 VRated frequency: 50/60 HzRated input capacity: 7,5 kVARated duty circle: 40%..
Brand: Crown Model: CT44032
Measuring range: 0,05-40 mMeasuring accuracy:  ±2 mmTime of single measurement: 0,25 sLaser type: 650 nmLaser grade: class IIOperating temperature range: 0 ... +40 °CStorage temperature range: -20 ... +65 °CBattery type:  2 x 1,5В АААsingle measurements:  >5000continuous measure..
Brand: Crown Model: CT44034
Measuring range: 0,05-80 mMeasuring accuracy: ±2 mmTime of single measurement: 0,25 sLaser type: 650 nmLaser class: II, <1 mWOperating temperature range: 0 ... +40 °CStorage temperature range: -20 ... +65 °CBattery type: 2 x 1,5В АААsingle measurements:  >5000continuous measurements: &..
Brand: Crown Model: CT44053
Current AC: max amps: 600AVoltage DC: max volt: 600VVoltage AC: max volt: 600VPliers opening: 25mm..
Brand: Crown Model: CT44051
Voltage AC: max volt: 600 VVoltage AC: max resolution: 1000 mVVoltage DC: max volt: 600 VVoltage DC: max resolution: 0,1 mVCurrent DC: max amps: 10 ACurrent DC: max resolution: 1 µAResistance: max resistance: 20 MΩ..
Crown CK10-XA98 Drill Kit 600W with 98 Pieces
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Brand: Crown Model: CK10-XA98
Rated power: 600WNo-load speed: 0-2800 minChuck tightening range: 13mmDrill chuck keyAdditional handleDepth stopClaw hammerCombination plierMeasuring tapeAdjustable wrenchTorpedo levelSlotted screwdriver SL5x100 mmPhilip screwdriver PH1x100 mmTwist drill bits 2,3,4,5,6 mmMASONRY drill bits..
Crown CT11020 Router 430 Watt 6mm
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Brand: Crown Model: CT11020
Power: 430 WNo-load speed  : 26000 minCollet diameter: 6 mmStroke of the router base: 30 mm..
Crown CT12018 Impact Wrench 900W
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Brand: Crown Model: CT12018
Power: 900WNo Load Speed: 2100 rpmChuck Size: 1/2"Max. torque: 320Nm..
Crown CT13010 Angle Grinder 5 inches 700 Watt
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Brand: Crown Model: CT13010
Rated power: 700 WRated speed: 11000 minAmperage at voltage: 230 VMax of cutting disc: 5 inches..
Crown CT13394 Rotary Sander 5" 240W
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Brand: Crown Model: CT13394
Power: 240WSize: 5"No-Load Speed: 24000 RPM..
Crown CT13489 Angle Grinder 9 inches 2600 Watt
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Brand: Crown Model: CT13489
Power: 2600 WRated speed: 6500rpmAmperage at voltage: 220-230 V  12 Acutting disc: 230 mm - 9 inches..
Crown CT15212  Jigsaw 65mm 550 Watt
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Brand: Crown Model: CT15212
Power 550 WNo Load Speed: 700 - 3000 rpmCutting ability in wood 65 mmCutting ability in aluminum 10 mmCutting ability in steel 3 mmAngularity of the body (left / right) 45°/45°..
Crown CT17010 Electric Air Blower 710 Watt
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Brand: Crown Model: CT17010
Power: 710 W No-load speed: 0-14000r.p.m.Air volume: 4 m³/min..
Crown CT18095 Rotary Hammer 1500 Watt 19Kg 50 J
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Brand: Crown Model: CT18095
Power: 1500 WChuck Size: Hex-30Percussion rate: 1400 minSingle impact power: 50 JWeight: 19 kg..
Crown CT18114 Hammer Drill 28mm 850 Watt Crown CT18114 Hammer Drill 28mm 850 Watt
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Brand: Crown Model: CT18114
Power: 850 WNo-load speed: 800rpm/minPercussion rate: 3400 minSingle impact power: 4,2 JDrilling output in concrete: 28 mmDrilling output in steel: 13 mmDrilling output in wood: 40 mm..
EG1,999 EG2,950
Crown CT19023K Heat Gun 2000 Watt 3 Speeds
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Brand: Crown Model: CT19023K
Power: 2000 WAmperage at voltage:  230 V     8.7 ATemperature (stage I / II/ III): 50 / 50-600 / 50-600 °CAir flow (stage I / II/ III): 250 / 250 / 500 l/min..
Crown CT21055L  Cordless Drill 14.4 Volt 10mm
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Brand: Crown Model: CT21055L
Battery :  Li-ionNo load speed:  0-350/0-1300r/minRating battery voltage : 1.5 Ah(Li-ion)Charging current : 1.5ACharge time: 1HChuck capacity:  0.8-10mm(3/8”)Max torque for hard:    30 NmMax torque for soft::  22 NmWood:  28mmSteel:  10mmScrewdriver: ..
EG1,599 EG1,999
Crown CT22033 Cordless Scrwdriver 3.6V
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Brand: Crown Model: CT22033
Torque: 7.2Nm Chuck size: 1/4"Voltage: 3.6VBattery type: Li-ionEngine speed: rpm 200Charging time: 3-5h..
Crown CT3253 Angle Grinder 9 inches 2200 Watt
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Brand: Crown Model: CT3253
Power : 2200 wattDisc Size : 230 mmBore size :22.23 mmspindle thread : M14No load speed :6500 min..
Crown CT33098 Digital Welding Machine 140 Ampere
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Brand: Crown Model: CT33098
Voltage: 80 VWelding electrode diameter: 2,5-3,2 mmCurrent adjustment range: 30-140ARated input voltage: 160-265 VRated input capacity: 6,6 kVA..
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